We create unique business solutions that meet market demands, transform processes and increase profits.

What do these services include?

We are not limited to any technical stack or standard solutions. We are determined to achieve the result and are ready to use any tools and methods. Our key role is to offer you the optimal solution and faster achieve business goals together.


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Software is the main thing in our life. And we are constantly developing our competencies and processes to make the process of developing custom software solutions as manageable and enjoyable as possible. You can see it already at the first touch. We have collected and accumulated many years of experience in many industries to bring your project to life with the highest level of skill.

We are ready to take the first step towards meeting our client and offer a free consultation or a comprehensive assessment of the project.

Full-cycle agile software development

We continuously improve our processes and customer interactions and work performance to deliver the greatest value in the most optimal way.

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This is the stage of setting goals and collecting the necessary requirements. At this stage, a project manager and a business analyst work with the client, technical consultants are often involved, including quality engineers. The result of the implementation of the planning stage is a set of artifacts that allows you to start the technical and visual part without looking back.



Researching and understanding the user's real needs and turning knowledge into a design challenge. Analysis of competitors, designing the site structure, creation of design concept, adaptive design, development of high-quality illustrations, and design of interaction between users and the product. All this includes our approach to UI/UX design.



We select project management methodologies corresponding to its goals. We do not do redundant actions to save your time and resources, but the key stages of the project are under the strict control of the team and manager. We are distinguished by high productivity and flexibility in the implementation process. No technical restrictions whatsoever.



In fact, the testing process in Lightup is continuous. We control the quality of the product from the very beginning of cooperation at the stage of setting requirements. Further, quality engineers work in the same thread with software engineers for better test automation. Final testing before each release is also present.



For many projects, we also build in the deployment process at the very beginning, since we need to understand in what environment the product will work and what expectations the stakeholders have. We have access to all possible DevOps tools for fast and efficient deployment of web solutions.



You can always rely on us for support and maintenance of the implemented products. We understand that for business, after the release, the story is just beginning, so we are ready to take the initiative in organizing high-quality user support and continuous product improvement.

Reliable and skilled support team

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If you’ve decided to insert blockchain in your business, you definitely need a highly skilled software development team to help you unleash the full potential of this technology!


LineUp provides you with a technical support services to our customers. With a deep understanding of the software development process, LineUp IT professionals can quickly identify and resolve complex issues related to database maintenance, network connectivity, or otherwise. Our staff of multidisciplinary developers, QA and IT professionals can provide comprehensive technical support for your software projects and provide a solid foundation for the further development of your business.


Technical support plays an important role in software development. Undoubtedly, errors and failures may appear in the Internet system. Server issues, hosting issues, virus issues, all of these issues can be resolved by our support service experts. And if you don't have one, you can contract with us and get reliable support from experienced IT experts.

Why is AI/ML important?

Apply now and boost your productivity and efficiency with LineUp Machine Learning and AI software solutions as soon as tomorrow!

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For now there is a huge amount of data in the world that can and should be automated. That’s why AI and ML are so totally important now. Undoubtedly, data can be processed manually, but it takes a lot more time and money. The greater the expansion of data, the more necessary modern technologies become to achieve many goals.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning provide organizations with the ability to leverage the data sets they collect by providing business intelligence, automating tasks, and enhancing system capabilities.

AI/ML is transforming every aspect of the business to help achieve measurable outcomes, including:

  • 01Increasing customer satisfaction
  • 02Offering differentiated digital services
  • 03Optimizing existing business services
  • 04Automating business operations
  • 05Increasing revenue
  • 06Reducing cost
  • 07Personalized advertising

Getting started with AI/ML in your organization

Apply now and boost your productivity and efficiency with LineUp Machine Learning and AI software solutions as soon as tomorrow!

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While AI/ML is clearly a powerfully transformative technology that can provide an enormous amount of value in any industry, getting started can seem more than a little overwhelming.

The good news is that you can start small. It’s possible to adopt AI/ML into your organization without a huge upfront investment, so you can get your feet wet and start to figure out how and where AI/ML can benefit your organization in smaller, easier-to-manage pieces.


AI/ML is a powerful and innovative technology that can deliver tremendous value to any industry, but getting started could feel overwhelming.

The good news is that you can start simple. You can introduce AI/ML to your organization without a significant upfront investment, so you can understand how AI/ML can benefit your organization in a more manageable area.

What we do

Each of our new projects is a unique story, and we are not limited by any templates. But there are typical projects with which clients come to us.

Simple website development

Custom web application development

Native mobile development for IOS & Andriod

Cross-platform mobile development



Product design &


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When is the right time to build a startup? Now.

Whenever you have an idea that you want to implement. Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, and almost every big company started as a startup. Even if you do not have a tech background, you can really understand what will be going on. Our project managers bridge all communication with the developers and translate it into easy language.

Our Achievements

Why LineUp engineers?

  • 01System development life cycle
    which was approved by our clients as one of the most transparent and flexible
  • 02Clear business model
    high visibility at each stage of development
  • 03On-time product delivery
    90% of our projects were completed according to the timeline. We do our best to increase this number

Achievements in numbers

  • 100+
    experienced in-house developers
  • 125+
    successful projects in different domains
  • 87%
    of employees have a Master's Degree

Tech stack

We do not limit ourselves in the choice of technologies, but most often we use the following from the list


projects with

Software engineering

We offer a choice quality of AI and Machine Learning solutions that will help your business grow faster and in a good manner.

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