Your product is in safe hands. All the power of the engineering team, design studio, business analysts, and managers will be directed to make your product successful. 

When do you need?

You get a ready-made product team, balanced, with extensive experience in product implementation, building from scratch, and scaling.


When you want to have your product team in one place


When you need help in formulating business goals and strategy


When you don't have enough time and need to act decisively


When you want to get a mature management and development system

How do we
ensure your


Pre-market testing

We provide pre-market validation of the essential features and a prototype to test your market success


Focus on user experience

You get a solution that perfectly meets the needs of your end users thanks to our focus on people’s everyday experienceswith your product


Management of features

Our product team follows the latest UX/UI trends and looks to user feedback to prioritize and implement in-demand features


Progress tracking

You get a clear picture of your team’s efficiency, milestones achieved, and product quality at any moment

What do you get

Product thinking, emphasis on results and delivered value, a high-quality management system that saves your time and resources. Built delivery process, ready-made solutions for typical and non-typical problems.

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Design thinking

We eliminate everything that doesn’t add value to a product and cut the delivery cycle to win time for improvements based on user feedback


By taking ownership, our software product developers free your time to design your product strategy, communicate with end users and discover new market opportunities

Validated learning

We get early feedback and maximize learning with Build–Measure–Learn loops and short engineering cycles, increasing software product development velocity

Lean product development

We define our scope and roadmap, brainstorm ideas, and prove those ideas with prototypes and tests before market

Technical product ownership

Short and light release cycles dramatically cut costs for engineering and promotion of your product and let us get market feedback as quickly as possible

we work with

our clients


Max Vashkevich

Founder, CEO at wCard

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Nini Zekalashvili

COO at BetLive

You get the answer, you get the solution, and you get the chance to communicate. I was pleased with LineUp's efforts and smooth collaboration. The outcome allowed me to control and supervise our platform's activities. Throughout the engagement, the team was always available for any query or concern of our company.
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Alexander Perel

Co-Founder, Fixario

LineUp like a truly the technical partner have successfully launched the website in the first month of 2021. As of now, they are further improving the functionalities and user journey. Moreover, they always go beyond to keep a long-term partnership.
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Noel Diallo

General Director, Tap & Clic

LineUp delivered a high-caliber global solution that functions well. The dedicated team was knowledgeable in Java and handled the complex project with ease. They worked in a timely and professional manner, delivering on project requirements.
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Bogdana Kostiuk

Founder of Tellme

LineUp has successfully launched the website on a production server. Their team is professional and willing to work for great results, resulting in the timely delivery of the output. Moreover, they have a flexible management style, allowing them to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.
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